Desert Bejewelled by: Hamad Al Falasi

Artwork Information

The desert has always been a place of wonder the same applies to the Arabian culture as it's subjected mainly against the desert and what it has to offer. This has been further highlighted with Arabic coffee as a symbol that links the desert inhabitant with his environment.

For ages, Arabic coffee has played a striking role in the Arabian culture in the form of hospitality. Bedouins tend to offer Arabic Coffee for all visitors as a welcoming gesture.

The photo series is capturing the essence of hospitality in the Arabian culture by means of Arabic Coffee. The lookout for potential visitors has always kept the coffee flasks boiling with the coffee aroma transcending in space awaiting to be served.

About the artist

I considered digital Photography as my entry ticket to the art scene. At a younger stage I developed an interest for art but only in 2005 was my actual embark, fascinated by the digital advent, started off with daily captures over my surroundings and during travel and evolved to a more systemic approach to identify my own style. Each artwork I produced is tag along with appropriate documentation in a form of self-quotation or poem. Experimentation is my way of identifying new creative themes in which my next art work will revolve. Favour my artwork to deliver anonymous and ambiguous messages asking the recipient for his own interpretation. My interest falls mainly in UAE tradition and culture as I work hard to reflect them through uncanny presentation from concept to execution.