The Untitled Chair Project by: Sean Blake

Artwork Information

The Untitled Chair Project is a unique photography portrait series to help raise awareness for the need for
registered bone marrow donors.

Started in 2O11 by UAE resident and photographer Sean Blake, the project has since gained a steady
stream of social media followers and supporters, photography participants and press coverage in countries around the globe.

Originally conceived from a newspaper article about a family’s plight for their own young daughter battling Leukemia and their need for a matching donor, the photo series was created to creatively draw attention to this worldwide issue.

Some people jog or run or play polo for a cause. Sean is using photography and art, which gives us a fun and positive platform to discuss the issues that need to be discussed.

Usually when people first meet the red chair, they first react with curiosity, which then turns into creativity. There is only one rule during photo shoots, participants can not look directly at the camera. After that, they decide for themselves how they want to pose or not pose with the chair. No two photo shoots are alike.

The red chair serves as a consistent visual element that helps to tie the photos together. Every time Sean takes it out for a photo session, it immediately attracts attention, which is what he wants to have happen.

Every time he photographs someone with it, participants are asked to sign it. Signing the chair represents sharing the project and cause with friends, family and colleagues. The story of the chair grows with each portrait he takes.

The chair carries a message of enlightenment and hope.

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About the artist

My parents named me Sean, but most people just call me Sean.

As a photographer, I've never met a camera I didn’t like. I have enjoyed experimenting with many types of formats, from old school 110 to 8x10 film cameras and everything else in between.

My latest project, “The Untitled Chair Project” finds me working with an inexpensive plastic Diana camera equipped with an instant back and a reclaimed, re-purposed ribbon procured from the trash bin as camera strap.

When I'm not dissecting vintage electronics and mutating them into some sort of juxtaposed monstrosity, I'm out trying to make the world a better place one photo at a time. If you ask me what I enjoy shooting, it’s, well…everything.

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