Art Project

Welcome to Autopoiesis, an art project inspired by people in the UAE.

Autopoiesis, the act of self-creation and self-production, is a metaphor for what this experimental cultural project is all about. This is a call, an invitation for those who are from, living in or transiting through the UAE to create/capture, select and submit material that is representative and symbolic of what they think and feel about the identities and the culture of the region. The aim is to provide a platform, beyond the constraining walls of official institutions, for intimate and unique self-expression of who you are and how you relate to the UAE.

Oftentimes, art establishments can seem detached from the lives of everyday people. Autopoiesis seeks to engage precisely with that humble layer of the everyday by encouraging contributors to draw on their own daily experiences, memories, narratives and interactions, which together can feed into a mosaic of images, words and voices. After all, who is better qualified to express the daily realities and complexities of a given society than the people that live in it?

Your contribution can take many forms including poetry, photography, short stories, visual and audio material and any other suitable formats.

Autopoiesis is led and curated by Btihaj Ajana and supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s College London.

Watch this video to know more about the background of the project